Timothy Ting-fang Lew


Timothy Ting-fang Lew born in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China, in 1891. Dr. Lew received his preliminary education at St. John’s University, Shanghai then went to America and entered the University of Georgia. He later distinguished himself at Columbia University where he received the degree of Bachelor of Arts (1914), Master of Arts (1915,) and Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology and Education (1920). He then studied Theology in the Union Seminary and later received from Yale the degree of Bachelor of Divinity in 1918. He returned to China in 1920, and was appointed dean of the Graduate School of Education, Peking Government Teachers’ College and then professor of Psychology in the National University of Peking and member of the theological faculty of the Peking University (Yenching Ta Hsu’eh). In 1921 Mr. Lew was elected dean of the School of Theology in the Yenching University, resigning his deanship in Teachers’ College.