Ginling College President's Report, 1935-1936
Annual report by the President of Ginling College written by then-Acting President Matilda Calder Thurston on the 1935-1936 academic year. She presents the college's activities and finances and recommends future steps to improve Ginling's campus and academics.
Letter from Matilda Calder Thurston on her experience at Ginling as acting President
Letter from Matilda Calder Thurston to an unspecified recipient about her experience serving as Ginling's acting president during Dr. Wu Yi-fang's (吴贻芳) absence. Much of the letter is devoted to Thurston's day-to-day routine at Ginling and the challenges she has faced in her new role. Thurston also relays information about the construction of the new buildings on campus and her work with other missionaries in Nanjing.
Letter from Matilda Calder Thurston regarding Ginling's operation
Letter from Matilda Calder Thurston to unaddressed recipients about recent developments related to Ginling's campus and operation. She discusses the progress made on the construction of the new buildings as well as the political situation in China and the impact it may have on Ginling's day-to-day activities.
Letter from Chang Siao-sung about her experience during the invasion
Letter from Chang Siao-sung addressed to "friends" regarding her experience on Ginling's campus as a faculty member during the initial Japanese invasion of Nanjing in August 1937 and her move to Hua Chung College in Wuchang.
Letters From Nanking
This letter was written by Miner Searle Bates during an unknown date, provided by Frank W. Price on January 10, 1938. In his letters, he provides first-hand experience of the Nanking Massacre during his time in China, including the daily atrocities and violence that was hidden by Japan.
Minnie Vautrin Letters December 9, 1937 and January 11, 1938
Letter written by Minnie Vautrin detailing the situation at Ginling due to the Nanjing Massacre
Letter from John Magee to his wife
Informal Report to the Board of Founders, Board of Directors, President Wu, Mrs. Thurston and Members of the Staff of Ginling College
Excepts from Letters from Lewis Smythe, December 20, 1937 to January 9, 1938
Typescript transcription of excerpts of letters from Lewis Smythe to his wife and family. He discusses the ongoing efforts of Westerners in Nanjing to protect civilians during the invasion and reports on the number of civilians housed in the refugee camps throughout the city. Japanese military movements are also detailed in the letters, including patrol stations and buildings seized by the Japanese soldiers.
Notes on the present situation, February 1, 1938
Notes on situation in Nanking and letter from refugees to International Safety Zone Committee.
Summary of Questionnaire Vote on Curriculum Changes
Result of a vote on changes to Ginling College's religious curriculum, with results sorted by ethnicity. The document also includes information on when religion was an available major, and department course lists sorted by required and not required.
Meeting Minutes Mrs. Thurston
Meeting minutes describing discussion among Ginling faculty about registration with the government and potential changes to the religion curriculum
Minutes of the Board of Directors of Ginling College
Booklets of meeting minutes from faculty and board of director discussions on a variety of topics, including students' religious backgrounds and the college's mission
Letter from MCT to family describing her daily schedule
Matilda Calder Thurston describes her daily schedule (meetings, conferences, etc.) in regards to the creation of Ginling College
Letter from MCT to Family
Matilda Calder Thurston tells family that she is beginning work on creating a women's college in China
Nanjing Report: The Truth
Official report of the Nanjing Massacre December 1937-January 1938
Nanjing Report: The Truth
Official report of the Nanjing Massacre December 1937-January 1938.
The Truth
Official report of the Nanjing Massacre December 1937-January 1938
Letter to Thurston
Excerpts from a letter written to Matilda Calder Thurston from Mrs. Horton Daniels, discusses Minnie Vautrin's work at Ginling.
Letters from alumnae
Collection of letters from Ginling alumnae to President Wu and Minnie Vautrin regarding events at the college between September 26, 1937 and October 15, 1937.
Letter from Ginling Practice School
Letter sent from from Ginling, describes changes to the surrounding streets and neighborhood in the summer of 1938.
Cables from Ginling
Cables sent from Yi-Fang Wu, Minnie Vautrin, and others; describes events at Ginling College between August 7, 1937 and October 6, 1937, including deliberations regarding whether to keep the college open.
Correspondence w/ Japanese Embassy
Correspondance between faculty at Ginling College and the Japanese Embassy between December 17, 1937 and January 11, 1938. Also has correspondance between the same faculty member and the American Embassy between January 10, 1938 and January 18, 1938.