Jenshow, Szechuan, China

Alternative Title

Renshou, Sichuan, China


Ginling's Rural Project in Jenshow (1939) included rural based education projects in the villages of Li Chia Ko and Chen Chia Tsu.

Ginling’s Rural Project in Jenshow included a stay in Chen Chia Tsu in 1939, which Mr. Feng founded. Teachers at Ginling such as Miss Hoh and Miss Wei taught children to read, sing, and play games, while lessons for women were conducted at night. Chen Chia Tsu had ten units, and Ginling aimed to start literary classes in the homes of each unit for women with a few students out of school teaching. A second education program included a rural home nursery school carried out by Miss Wei. The project began in a yard with thirteen families and fifteen nursery children. The nursery program was motivated by Ginling’s sympathy for undereducated children and labor-working women. Ginling had hopes of starting two or three additional nursery programs. After departing Chen Chia Tsu, Ginling had plans to return one-two days a week in order to keep these programs running and held exhibits to showcase their work there. All of these programs were financed by the Provincial Government, while the Extension Bureau was responsible for a farming program Ginling was eager to implement. Gingling’s Rural Project in Jenshow manifests the kinds of rural based education projects Ginling was involved in, such as women-centered help and education. Ginling aimed to focus on helping and supporting children in order to change a generation as a whole. It also shows Ginling’s desire to be actively present at the site of these projects even after they had left, revealing their commitment to rural education. Ginling saw powerful potential in women accessed through education.